Best Online Guitar Lesson Paid and Free

best online guitar lessonsThese days, guitarists are pretty lucky. Not only can they find affordably priced guitars, but they can also find an endless wealth of resources online, both paid and free, that can assist them with learning how to play the guitar. We’ve narrowed down some of the best online guitar lesson sites to help you choose one based on your skill level, budget, and playing goals. Because frankly, there are almost too many choices available, which can make it a little overwhelming to find a site that offers quality lessons that can fit your skill level or can even challenge you and this type of varied quality can be frustrating. Any guitarist with a webcam or a YouTube account can put a lesson online, but that doesn’t make them an expert.

Paid or Free Guitar Lessons?

This instrument can be a tricky beast. And it’s far too common for guitarists to lose motivation, get too comfortable, hit plateaus or get stuck.  The best way to improve your playing game is to seek out a planned, structured resource of online lessons. Beginners have a tendency to search for free lessons first. And while they’ll have no problem finding free lessons online, most of them lack structure. If you spend a little time on guitar forums you’ll notice why many novice guitarists wished that would have shelled out some cash every month to take lessons from actual pros, pros who could have provided a structured step by step lesson program.

So, if you’re serious about learning how to play guitar, why would you want to learn how online? Let’s put it into perspective. A traditional one-hour guitar lesson in person with a teacher can range anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars. For twenty dollars for online lessons, you can enjoy unlimited access to an entire site filled with structured lessons that are based on skill level and playing style.

Novices often ask if they should begin learning on an electric or acoustic guitar. One school of thought argues that beginning with an acoustic is better because they’re harder to play. Pressing down on the bare chords and strings is a little more complicated and it will take more strength and there’s no distortion/effect/amp to cover any mistakes or sloppy playing. Pros also argue that moving from an acoustic to an electric is simpler than the reverse.

Truth be told, many guitarists will begin on an electric guitar and they still went on to be amazing musicians. Because learning how to play the guitar is definitely a labor of love, if the music you enjoy listening to and playing requires an electric guitar, then by all means, go electric!

The Best Paid Site for Learning How to Play the Guitar

guitar pedsThe first site we recommend you try is Guitar Tricks. This site is truly a beast and it features countless video lessons and a ton of interesting content. If you’re interested in learning how to play but you’re not sure where to start or how to begin, this site is probably the best choice. It features over eleven thousand video lessons designed for beginners, experienced and advanced players. It also offers lessons based on genre. Make no mistake this site features some of the most organized and best lessons you’ll find online.

One thing that stands out about this site is their core learning system. This is a structured system that will guide you through the basics of guitar playing and onto more intermediate concepts. If you’re a beginner, using this system will get you on the right path to playing basic solos and playing chords.

Another thing we loved was how transparent the site is about their free trial period. This site allows you to try before you buy, all you have to do is fill out a form and you can dive right into their extensive collection of lessons. Keep in mind that the site is very persistent when it comes to sending you emails urging you to sign up for a membership.

So, what are the pros and cons for Guitar Tricks?

To start, their core learning is perfect for the novice player and it’s a system that feels linear and highly organized. Next, their huge library features a ton of songs in every genre. They offer a nice backing track library in different keys and styles. Their video lessons aren’t overly complicated, instead, they’re short and to the point. You can download these lessons to your PC, which makes it even more convenient because you can practice without having to go online.

And here are the downsides we found: The site seems better suited for the beginner or intermediate player. If you’ve already surpassed that point, other sites may have more advanced options for you. While their catalog is definitely broad, it feels somewhat limited compared to other lesson sites in terms of genres and styles covered.

Best Free Online Guitar Lessons

Justin Guitar, also known as Justin Sandercoe, has earned a huge following online due to his awesome guitar lessons. He hosts a couple of YouTube channels, but JustinSandercoe is the main one. While in the previous section we mentioned that free online lessons often lack the structure that the paid lessons have, Justin actually does a great job of organizing his lesson plans on his website. He does a pretty good job of categorizing each lesson based on skill level and genre.

So, is the best online guitar lesson any good? Yes they are and the fact that they’re free makes it even better. These one hundred percent free lessons can be found on his site or on YouTube. His lessons are well thought out and easily digestible. However, if you’re a total beginner, this may not be the best lesson structure for you. Justin also doesn’t offer much variety in the way of style or genre. Lastly, some of the lessons lack the type of depth you’ll find on sites that charge a monthly membership fee. But even despite these cons we still recommend this site, especially because it’s free.