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How to practice guitar in your sleep

You must be thinking this is complete nonsense, but some guitarists do believe this can be done. But really, “learning while you are asleep”, this sounds crazy, right? But have you have had the situation where you are trying to solve some problems, homework maybe, right up until the moment you fall asleep? Sometimes you […]

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Guitar Tabs for Beginners and Playing Tips

Guitar tabs involve the method of writing down music. But they’re different from standard musical notation symbols, instead, it involves using ordinary numbers and characters. Tabs are probably one of the easiest ways to learn music for people who aren’t familiar with music notation. Reading tabs is pretty simple, especially if you use guitar tabs […]

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Best Online Guitar Lesson Paid and Free

These days, guitarists are pretty lucky. Not only can they find affordably priced guitars, but they can also find an endless wealth of resources online, both paid and free, that can assist them with learning how to play the guitar. We’ve narrowed down some of the best online guitar lesson sites to help you choose […]

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