DigiTech RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching System Review

DigiTech RP1000In the past, you probably thought that floor-mounted, lower priced multi-effects models were nothing more than starter kits for the novice, but the DigiTech RP1000 integrated effects switching system will immediately change your mind. Even if you’ve had bad experiences in the past with devices that were overloaded with presets and complex user controls, this model comes loaded with features but offers a simple layout and easy to use presets and effects.

DigiTech Effects Pedalboard Rundown and Features

Considered by many to be the most advanced effects pedalboard system on the market, not only does it come with a killer collection of two hundred presets and a hundred and sixty effects, allowing you to create an awesome range of tones, but it also sports an effects switching system to route your own external stompboxes and internal effects. Call up the presets via the fourteen footswitches and tweak the six included knobs to fine-tune your sound. You’ll also get an onboard expression pedal and a built-in phase looper that features twenty seconds of record time.

At a glance, the RP1000 by DigiTech is an all in one tone monster. It’s able to easily integrate into your existing amp and stompbox setup. The expression pedal, six knobs, and fourteen switches will let you nail your sound. You can use audio streaming via USB for fast recording.

The built-in phase looper will let you quickly create loops on the fly for performing, composing and practicing. With the twenty seconds of record time and controls for overdub, play and stop, you can seamlessly layer tones and guitar parts into one man jams or cool song ideas.

Truly feature packed, you’ll love the forty effects libraries, forty tone effects and two hundred presets and over a hundred and sixty effects. Now, you can dial into an almost limitless range of tones. The large bank of amp models, delays, and choruses will give you the type of creative power you need in order to create a killer signal chain. You can even set the parameters for the volume, wahs, and whammy and in real-time, with the built-in expression pedal.

With the chromatic tuner onboard, it’s easy to get in the creative mood with alternative tunings, or you can ensure you’re rocking in perfect drop D or standard.

Whether you’re after an all-out crunching shred fest or chasing a gently delayed soundscape, you can easily switch between each setup and tone. What’s more, it’s created to complement any existing effects setup and stompbox, instead of reorganizing it or overruling it. Thanks to the amp and stompbox loops, you can now switch any external stompboxes in and out, just like they do on professional rigs. Simply set the presets and engage the tone. And because you now have an amp and cabinet bypass onboard, you can easily switch off the internal cabinets and amps in order to leave the amp tone alone and engage them for a totally different sound whenever you want.

If it’s not enough that the RP1000 offers the ultimate in functionality, their killer phase looper gives you the power to create overdubs up to twenty seconds in length.  Whether you want to perform a massive one-man jam in front of an audience or practice a lead over the basic rhythm riff, you’ve got all the tools you need. Once you’ve ironed out some new leads or riffs you can connect this unit to your PC via USB and record them using the included music production software program Cubase. The USB connection also works as a hand tool for archiving and editing presets using the X-edit Librarian software program.

Multi-Effects System Pros and Cons

DigiTech RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching SystemPros: The unit features a cabinet and amp bypass switch, in concurrence with the external amp loop. The amp/cabinet bypass switch will allow the user to turn off internal amps and cabinets so the amp’s tone can stand alone. When you use the amp/cabinet bypass in the pedalboard mode, this unit will essentially turn into a hundred different pedalboards.

Overall, this unit offers the simplicity of a stompbox. This effects switching system features the pedalboard option which can change the footswitches six through ten into stompbox style effects on and off controls, which is a popular feature that was offered on the older RP500 model. Your instant access to both stompbox controls and preset changes means you get the best of both worlds.

Built like a tank, you’ll enjoy the large ten character LED display, which makes it easy for stage use. The device is topped with a built-in expression pedal so you can control whammy, volume, wahs, and other parameters. Regardless of how you get your tone, this model will work with your gear, giving you the total control you need when you’re playing a live performance.

Cons: You’ll notice that everything through the outputs and headphones tend to pan left. Even if you put it through a multi-track and try to balance it using true stereo, it won’t help. You’re also unable to add signal that isn’t there with volume. When we gave it a try it modulated and sounded pretty poor. Some of the presets are pretty mediocre, with the exception of the acoustics.

Price is another issue for some buyers, especially beginners. If you’re on a tight budget and just getting into experimenting with your music, the Zoom G3 guitar effects and amp simulator is a budget-friendly option and one that also comes loaded with a ton of features that will allow you to get creative in your home studio or on stage.

DigiTech Conclusion and Rating

The presets are fun to play with and when you dial in an amp mode you’ll enjoy a ton of flexibility to create any sound you’re looking for. Overall, DigiTech RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching System is well constructed, with a simple layout and a lot of room for experimentation. We like the ability to turn this device into a stompbox and dial in any effects combo we want. In our opinion, you really can’t beat this feature packed unit, especially at such a low price. Consumers gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars.